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Tiger Rattan Pocket Stick

Tiger Rattan Pocket Stick

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Discover the power of compact and effective self-defense with our Tiger Rattan Pocket Stick, also known as the Olisi Palad or the Palm Stick. 

Key Features:

Compact and Portable: The pocket stick's compact size allows you to carry it discreetly to and from your escrima class. Slip it into your pocket, or bag, ensuring you're always prepared for a quick demonstration.

Durable Construction: Made from rattan with traditional tiger-burned designs, this pocket stick is built to withstand the rigors of real-world training for years.

The photo shows multiple pieces to display the quality of these items.  Use the shopping cart to select your desired quantity.  

Diameter - 1 inch

Length - 7-8 inches


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Free with purchase:

Purchases from this site qualify you for a FREE Euro style escrima decal. Just our way of saying thank you for your continued support, since 1998.