Collection: Hickory Escrima Sticks

Hickory arnis sticks are the best kept secret in martial arts! Right now you can literally go to another "Super Mart" web site and purchase hickory sticks for $50 per pair and they will still not be better than Virginia's old hickory.

You see, hickory makes a great everyday arnis stick because it has the best of both worlds; it is a dense hardwood AND it is just elastic enough to absorb hard blows. It is because of these properties that ax and sledgehammer handles are made this incredible wood.

Today in the Philippines, TaeKwonDo, a Korean martial art, is gaining in popularity much faster than Filipino Martial Arts such as Arnis or Escrima. Some people say this is because it is easier to appreciate martial arts from a far away land than it is to appreciate what we have here at home. Don't underestimate domestic hickory just because it is not from the Philippines. It may not be "Asian enough" for some arnis practitioners, but hickory makes an awesome escrima stick.