USMC Martial Arts

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I tried the United States Marine Corps Martial Arts! The USMC martial arts instructor demonstrates different martial arts techniques and hand to hand combat movements. Shoulder blow movement involves the movement to initiate swift punches and appropriate timing. Balanced position of the body needs to be maintained while performing attack measures. Proper weight distribution has to be ensured because heavy lifting measures has to be undertaken during the fight.

The opponents are to be utilized as leverage as they are going to be lifted and thrown on ground with immense force. The opponent’s personal space is to be evaded through angles of movement and execution. MCMAP technique teaches a proficient method to utilize any weapon nearby to defeat opponent or attacker in the most proficient method. The most beneficial factor in this regard is to gain the tactical advantage over the enemy under any circumstances. Physical and mental preparations must be undertaken while training for the various techniques of US Marine Corps. Lethal situations are to be dealt with and so the person has to have the necessary physical fitness to handle critical circumstance. Proper character mindset is necessary as the viewer’s main motive is to protect himself and not kill the perpetrator or attacker rather create a temporary damage. MCMAP technique assists the viewers to draw a mental map of the situation at hand and how to react effectively to help himself as well as the people nearby. It creates a perception of safety measures that people can utilize for better purposes and make a positive mindset among people around him in danger. Extensive training is required to master these techniques and protect oneself from any attacker or perpetrator. 

Key takeaways:

  • Shoulder throw movement maintains swift hand movements and balanced positions.
  • Tactical advantage is created with proper timing and efficient use of physical strength.
  • Reaction measures and perception of handling situation assists in successful attempts to keep everyone safe. 

“There is no such thing as first place, second place, or third when talking about war mindset, it’s either you live or you die, it’s either yes or no, it’s either you impose your will or submit to theirs”

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