Two Escrima Sticks

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Sinawali is a double escrima stick Filipino Martial Arts technique which enables viewers to gain suitable knowledge and achieve skills and techniques essential for protection against enemies. This technique assist in blocking and counter attacks of opponents effectively. A sudden attack can be deflected with one stick and used the other to hit back.

The double stick attack can be countered in multiple ways from stick to to blade, from hand to head. The person can zone to the other side and initiate attack or zone from an outside range to counter attack an opponent.

The umbrella technique assists in blocking the right hand stick in umbrella movement and utilizing the left hand stick to clear cross stick and inflict damage on the body.

In  Anastacio Kali, the stick hand is considered the Live hand, from which majority of the attacks are initiated. The left hand is considered as the safety hand which is utilized to protect eyes, heart and the right hand against severe attacks. Combinations of parry and strike must be accurate including the time of attack. According to the range of attack, the person has to measure what sequence of combination will be more effective in dealing with situations.

Sinawali position can be utilized with effective blocking by weaving sticks in multiple combinations allowing the person to have an advantage over the opponent as he cannot inflict any attack or damage during this period.

The person can initiate successful attacks while weaving. Open or closed double stick techniques are performed in this manner by blocking the attackers movement and executing instant damage on open areas.  

Key Takeaways:

  • Sinawali techniques can be used as blocking or attacking
  • Double stick sinawali follows a weaving pattern
  • Proper adjustment of attack is essential
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