The Best Knife Defense

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The Best Knife Defense Option - YouTube

The Best Knife Defense clip assists viewers to have a general idea about the different techniques of Filipino Martial Arts in countering attacks from assailants. During attack it is essential to grab the opponent with counter movement and utilize arm grab to sequentially lift the attacker’s leg connecting viewer’s feet next to opponent and make a spin to throw him on the ground effectively.

However, in the event of edged weapons, focus and controlled movement must be followed while attacker’s weapon in hand for pushing him towards the ground. The primary movement is to be swift and run from the attacker to avoid assault and be more of surrounding circumstances. Whether the movement is forward grip or reversed grip, the viewer must break the attack with continuous swift movements to have greater advantage.

With edged weapons, the best defense is to run. 

The video is short but demonstrates the viewers regarding the tactics essential for defending against attackers in an effective way. 

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