How to Win a Street Fight

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How To Win A Street Fight: What to do if someone throws a punch at ...

How to win a street fight is a video clip that basically teaches the viewers about various defensive strategies, approaches, punching methods in dangerous circumstances. Distance and emotion has to be measured in terms of the situation to be handled. Being aware is the most important element based on the circumstances that has arisen. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Awareness of surrounding environment is the most crucial factor to avoid any types of violent action. 
  • Quick reaction and response is particularly necessary to avoid damage. 
  • Efficient movement is essential and maintaining the specific range before any actionable circumstances take place whether to dodge or strategically avoid. 

Appropriate measures needs to be undertakes before any violent actions are being taken. A swing or punch can arrive at any possible circumstances and so it is important to be focused most of the times. An attacker can take a stance or suddenly initiate attack, the movements need to be followed effectively.

The viewers need to create a definite space between the attacker and himself with verbal measures and reactions. If a direct approach is visible with one shoulder down, it is definite that a punch is incoming and the viewer needs to either dodge or block the attack. The attacker must not have the opportunity to come at a close range and it’s essential to create a safe distance.

Aggressive words is the first initial step to avoid attack and kick or jab instantly on the next approach. In a fighting stance various attack movements can be executed such as jab, cross, rear hook, hand hook, jab or cross to the body, overhand, shovel hook etc. Jab is the quickest shot in hand to hand combat. Managing footwork and constant movement is essential.

Catch or parry on a direct punch can be done. Another way is to avoid the jab by moving further away each and every time. All the specific units that is hands, feet and head are to be moved in constant efficiency. If the rear hand of attacker is in corner, boxing stance can be estimated. Viewer needs to keep hands in center line for protection of head and other upper parts. Perpetual movement is necessary through shifting body weight. Timing is another important aspect combined with speed and power. While jab blocking and counter protective measures are to be taken. Interception and leg obstruction along with cross jab can be initiated. 

Dealing with punches and blocking attacks can be learned through different techniques, better timing and flexible movement to fight against all odds and circumstances. 

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