FMA Tire Training

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Using a Tire In Filipino Martial Arts - YouTube

During this quarantine time, Filipino Martial Arts practitioners can use an effective training technique, which illustrates strengthening of the muscles and wrists. Constant stick strikes on tires improves fingers grasp as well as arm movement. Developing conditioning on the entire body structure for handling tough situations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Proper escrima stick strike movement must be initialized.
  • Use body strength and measures to apply correct strike.
  • Proper stance, distance and body mechanics can help in getting superior advantages while practicing the necessary steps required. 

One of the basic stick strikes include appropriate stance and alignment towards the fixed tires. With each strike, more power is generated and the strikes become stronger with multiple hit opportunities at the same time. Assume the tires are part of a body and initiate continuous strikes. Utilizing hips effectively can assist in multiple strikes with a specific stance, distance and energy factor being involved in each process. Hitting on the right spot is necessary to feel the vibrations which are influential for energy production and improvements.

For speed development technique it is essential for the viewers to remain close to the target. Flicking in a continuous musical movement can be done. Curving can be performed by aligning the body or using left hand to combine the strikes from opposite direction. Cord, bunny go and flick techniques can be mastered at close range. Both the hands can be used in combat mode while practicing.

The double stick utilization can help viewers help grasp a greater skill development through initializing series of movements and strikes. The strikes must be efficient with constant hits on every aspect of the tires from upper to lower so as to increase the muscle movements as well as hip adjustment skills in real time fights.

Frequent training as well as continuous practice are the essential elements required. The viewers need to master adjustments as well as body shifts to increase strength through tires. Two tires need to be fixed in structured form so that the body alignment and balance can be stable while practice in continuous loops. Proper feeling of the vibrations based on the number of hits automatically increases speed, agility and shifts. Tire utilization moreover helps in practical learning through a mental map and perception of a scenario to be faced in real circumstances. 

Tire training in the Filipino Martial Arts can be a revolutionary technique for solo training and demonstrates learning opportunities for body and skill development. 

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