FMA T-shirt Story

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One of my FMA instructors, Guro Rich Lamoureaux, was wearing a FMA T-shirt while standing in line while in Chicago.  Behind him was an old, Filipino man that asked him if he had studied Filipino Martial Arts.  They started up a conversation and the old timer invited him to come over to his house and learn their family FMA escrima system.  If I remember the story correctly, the escrima system didn’t even have a name, it was just something the family had passed down father-to-son. It turned out to be a really cool knife fighting system. It was unlike anything he had yet seen and he continues to practice it to this day.

One day he had the chance to meet the man’s adult son and Guro Rich got a chance to see the father and son go at it (knife fighting drills) in the kitchen with live blades. These guys weren’t martial arts teachers or known at all in martial arts circles, the old guy was a retired fireman, but his knife system was excellent.

Guro Rich attributed the whole experience to wearing that one FMA T-shirt.  More information about Guro Rich Lamoureaux can be found at his web site.

QUESTION:  Have you ever made a martial arts connection over a shirt or chance meeting with a stranger?  Please share your story in the comments below.

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  1. admin

    Great pic of Guro Rich. If you’re in Vegas any time soon, contact him for some training.

  2. Wilbert Morrison

    This is a great story. You never know who you are going to meet out there. Martial arts has opened the door for me to talk to people I otherwise would never have the chance to.

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