Filipino Martial Arts in WWII

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In this short clip from the Dog Brothers, Guro Dan Inosanto recalls a conversations he had with Grandmaster Leo Giron about the Japanese occupation of the Philippine Islands during WWII.

After the Japanese discovered that there was highly proficient close quarter, martial arts system in the Philippines, they gathered many of the escrima instructors together, loaded them on a boat for Japan, and they were never heard from again.

As he recalled the conversation, the Japanese found out that a Filipino Martial Artist armed with a bolo was efficient against the rifle with bayonet and the samurai sword at close quarter fighting in the jungle.

As you watch Guro Dan recall the conversation, you can’t help but wonder how many unique FMA systems ended because of that one event. As history shows us again and again, one of the first moves to oppress people is to take away their ability to defend themselves.

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