Filipino Dumog

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Dumog is a Filipino grappling martial art that is shown with empty hands. Master Sobrino, from Manila is working on the front line to promote this martial art as it comes under the category of best defensive techniques. Dumgo is performed like Judo or Jiu Jitsu.

Preparing to attack
Stand first and stand straight. Push the body downside and stick it to the ground. When you put the opponent on the ground with his back flat on the ground, the opponent get surprised and this is called blue bud. The fighter puts his leg on the opponent and folds his feet downside and turning him around.

Pressing down
Fighter puts the opponent to the ground and presses him down, the opponent falls back and looses all his energy. Pressing down and putting a leg on the opponent causes the opponent to defend himself, but he can’t. The instructor tells that attacking instantly is important. When you wait only a little, you lose the fight. Use your legs constantly to pack the opponent.

Attacking again and again
Don’t lose the opponent, attack again and again and don’t lose hope. If the opponent is strong, the fighter should be stronger and should have high vigor of making someone fall down.

Feet play an important role to attack the opponent and to keep the demo energized. There are people who may not experience any misshape in which they need to use martial arts. But still others require to learn about martial arts because it one of the best arts for self defense. The video shows different tactics.

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