Disarms by Guros Marcaida and Wihongi

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Official Trailer] Doug Marcaida & Jared Wihongi | Emotional Candy ...

Guro Doug Marcaida and Guro Jared Wihongi present a great clip about the different Filipino Martial Arts techniques which they refer to as emotional candy.

In terms of movement, the inside line has to maintain flexible actions effectively and move with the flow. Being in horizontal position, swift movement is necessary to grasp the weapon and adapt to the certain situation created.

Guidance and control is necessary to utilize the left hand as a barrier towards the enemy and body clench to assess greater control. Various counter traps can be initiated through knife or switching hands to hit the kidneys. Stripping and switching weapons from the attacker must be swift and frequent. Finger breaking, as well as neck cracks can be done effectively in dealing greater harm to your opponent.

The video provides information for series of controlled attack movements against enemies attempting to harm with any sort of weapon. 

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