Cross Training Filipino Martial Arts Weapons

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Cross Training Filipino Martial Arts Weapons | Anastacio Kali ...

Filipino Martial Arts are fierce fighting styles that utilize various weapons and empty hand strategies. In this clip, Union Martial Arts illustrates various protective measures through weapon sticks which are extremely important in terms of external attacks. Nunchucks or the tabak-toyok, as they are referred to in FMA, can assist in elevation of the stick skills in general instead of mastering new techniques. This weapon can help utilize various forms of attacks with the previous learned techniques. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Twisting shoulder and hip is particularly necessary to execute attack.
  • Swift control is necessary to master the movement of weapon.
  • Angle movement’s needs to be practiced frequently to have greater access to the weapon and its utilization in times of need. 

The tabak-toyok movement, not angle X pattern rather more emphasis is to be provided on the structure and framework to greater strengthen the skills in this method. Foam training tabak-toyok have greater flexibility, readily available in most of the stores, and have effective uses. While power generation, movement of shoulders and hips are compulsory factors for better attack patterns. Just moving stick in X format will only disrupt the attack pattern and damage the viewers own arm or body.

Working on angles is essential with sequential movement and power must be established from the core instead of one single wrist. Trapilo technique basically strengthens the twisting strike movement in various ways. Circular rotation must be initiated and better whipping effect is required. Better flexible wrists can assist in shooting forward move it back and whoop downwards. Slink shot method or slink shot grip is to be utilized to avoid hitting in face of the viewer.  It must be flicked forward and carried sequentially with the whole body follow and execute the intended strike on the attacker or opponent. Standing in a single place and twisting the weapon will not be an effective attack format and the similar energy on attack is impossible without the necessary movements of the body. So grasping a sling shot grip initiating it and swift flow operation can be an effective fighting technique.

Sinawali is another popular technique which can be initiated with one or two escrima sticks. Various angles can be initiated and it depends on how the body reacts towards specific moves. Back chamber rotations across the body is initialized in this system although it lacks proper balance. It assists in combining the body with the weapon effectively. 

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