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FMA Rattan Staff

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This clip on Filipino rattan staff techniques involves a combination of attack movements that demonstrate how to use the rattan staff in critical circumstances.

These techniques assist in developing wrist, grip strength, attack combinations, movement, speed, flexibility in handling, and sensitive movement procedures.

Key Takeaways:

  • Filipino rattan staff techniques can be devastating
  • Coordinated attack patterns, flexibility and better grip can be help technique

“The basic drills are not fighting drills they are great conditioning exercises that is going to help build your grip strength, your wrist strength, your coordination agility, your flexibility and your sensitivity to the stack”


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FMA Modified Tapado

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In this short video from FMA Pulse, Grandmaster Mike Vasquez demonstrates some basic strikes of Modified Tapado. He explains and differentiates between traditional tapado and modified tapado grips and positions, which were modified to increase the power of the strikes. 

Helping to demonstrate the tapado strikes in the clip is Maha Guro Nate Defensor of the Defensor Method. GM Vasquez is highly ranked in other FMA and Karate systems.

A tapado stick is approximately 45 inches long and can be made from a rattan staff.

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FMA from Parent to Child

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During an interview with Guro Eian Floresca, he shared his perspective about the propagation of Filipino Martial Arts, how it was intended to be passed from parent to child in small group instruction.  He talked about the origin of the Filipino Martial Arts being used to protect family and village.

Most instruction was given in a one-to-one format. Not only is that time used to learn martial arts, it is also used to bond with the parent during the transition of the family’s art.  Contrast this to some schools that teach on a large scale for profit. 

He believes that Filipino Martial Arts was never originally designed to be taught to the masses, on a large scale. However, now that the art is gaining popularity, it is useful to design a curriculum or progression that beginners can learn in a group format.  As he references the high quality instruction from parent to child in a one-on-one format, he finds it very difficult to maintain that type of quality instruction when delivering to large groups.  For this reason, the  future of the Filipino Martial Arts is not guaranteed, systems could disappear in a moment. 

In the end, if the child that received FMA instruction does not wish to carry on the art, it’s a parent’s wish for the child to follow their dreams, even if it does not include martial arts.  

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Filipino Martial Arts in WWII

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In this short clip from the Dog Brothers, Guro Dan Inosanto recalls a conversations he had with Grandmaster Leo Giron about the Japanese occupation of the Philippine Islands during WWII.

After the Japanese discovered that there was highly proficient close quarter, martial arts system in the Philippines, they gathered many of the escrima instructors together, loaded them on a boat for Japan, and they were never heard from again.

As he recalled the conversation, the Japanese found out that a Filipino Martial Artist armed with a bolo was efficient against the rifle with bayonet and the samurai sword at close quarter fighting in the jungle.

As you watch Guro Dan recall the conversation, you can’t help but wonder how many unique FMA systems ended because of that one event. As history shows us again and again, one of the first moves to oppress people is to take away their ability to defend themselves.

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Two Escrima Sticks

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Sinawali is a double escrima stick Filipino Martial Arts technique which enables viewers to gain suitable knowledge and achieve skills and techniques essential for protection against enemies. This technique assist in blocking and counter attacks of opponents effectively. A sudden attack can be deflected with one stick and used the other to hit back.

The double stick attack can be countered in multiple ways from stick to to blade, from hand to head. The person can zone to the other side and initiate attack or zone from an outside range to counter attack an opponent.

The umbrella technique assists in blocking the right hand stick in umbrella movement and utilizing the left hand stick to clear cross stick and inflict damage on the body.

In  Anastacio Kali, the stick hand is considered the Live hand, from which majority of the attacks are initiated. The left hand is considered as the safety hand which is utilized to protect eyes, heart and the right hand against severe attacks. Combinations of parry and strike must be accurate including the time of attack. According to the range of attack, the person has to measure what sequence of combination will be more effective in dealing with situations.

Sinawali position can be utilized with effective blocking by weaving sticks in multiple combinations allowing the person to have an advantage over the opponent as he cannot inflict any attack or damage during this period.

The person can initiate successful attacks while weaving. Open or closed double stick techniques are performed in this manner by blocking the attackers movement and executing instant damage on open areas.  

Key Takeaways:

  • Sinawali techniques can be used as blocking or attacking
  • Double stick sinawali follows a weaving pattern
  • Proper adjustment of attack is essential
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Grandmaster Angel Cabales

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The Legacy of Great Grandmaster Guru Angel Cabales- provides detailed information to the viewers regarding the Filipino stick fighting and defensive techniques taught by a reputed grandmaster. Various forms of combinations can be mastered through stick counters.

The 12 strikes of Cabales Serrada Escima are a series of attacks. Counter attacks can be done using escrima sticks or empty hands. Viewers can either attack or defend based on the circumstances being faced. Kali techniques involve single or double stick combat movements for long range situations. Cabales Serrada Escrima involves a shorter serrada stick, which is extremely swift and accurate.

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6 Count Sumbrada In Filipino Martial Arts

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Sumbrada means to shadow. This demo shows viewers a sequence of techniques often referred to as Punyo Sumbrada.

In this demo, the sumbrada is started with an angle 5. As with all Filipino Martial Arts, hand movements must be accurate and proper timing must be maintained to evade attacks effectively. Footwork is essential and while attacks are being performed if the opponent blocks one hand, the person has to move forward and close the gap to defend against further attacks.

In addition to the checking hand, empty hand strikes and other weapons can be utilized. In escrima stick fighting, it’s essential that the angles movements be studied properly and slow paced attack can be executed to inflict damage.

When the attacker initiates an angle 5, the person can move aside check the attacker’s weapon and then use backhand attack flipping the stick on the attacker’s head to cause greater damage with the punyo of the escrima stick.

Appropriate control of hand movements is necessary of the execution may be weak on the opponent or may even be missed in that situation. If the attacker blocks the punyo, the person must move stick sideways to counter his movement and it must be in proper manner. Mistakes in counter may cause harm to the person’s finger so opponents move has to be calculated and then necessary tactics to be placed.

Key Takeaways:

  • This sumbrada can be started with an angle 5
  • With each strike with the escrima stick, a counter is followed 
  • Proper control of evasive movements can ensure better defense
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Kali Inside Deflection

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Kali inside deflection & counter provides a detailed demo regarding different common counters and deflection techniques. Inside deflection is conducted during long range attacks. It can either be dodged or dealt with by meeting with escrima stick in hand. With close range attack, one could simply bamboo to dodge the strike.

With a two strike attack, which usually comes in X format, it’s important to angle off in other side to damage the attackers hand and stop further attacks. Swift movement with a big swing and smash can cause permanent damage.

If the attack is a lower angle, then it’s important to angle down the escrima stick to counter and counter. In case of high forehand attack, the legs must slide backwards and purse attack on wrist. In case of using sword the person needs to block from the second half or bottom half of sword to avoid weapon damage.

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USMC Martial Arts

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I tried the United States Marine Corps Martial Arts! The USMC martial arts instructor demonstrates different martial arts techniques and hand to hand combat movements. Shoulder blow movement involves the movement to initiate swift punches and appropriate timing. Balanced position of the body needs to be maintained while performing attack measures. Proper weight distribution has to be ensured because heavy lifting measures has to be undertaken during the fight.

The opponents are to be utilized as leverage as they are going to be lifted and thrown on ground with immense force. The opponent’s personal space is to be evaded through angles of movement and execution. MCMAP technique teaches a proficient method to utilize any weapon nearby to defeat opponent or attacker in the most proficient method. The most beneficial factor in this regard is to gain the tactical advantage over the enemy under any circumstances. Physical and mental preparations must be undertaken while training for the various techniques of US Marine Corps. Lethal situations are to be dealt with and so the person has to have the necessary physical fitness to handle critical circumstance. Proper character mindset is necessary as the viewer’s main motive is to protect himself and not kill the perpetrator or attacker rather create a temporary damage. MCMAP technique assists the viewers to draw a mental map of the situation at hand and how to react effectively to help himself as well as the people nearby. It creates a perception of safety measures that people can utilize for better purposes and make a positive mindset among people around him in danger. Extensive training is required to master these techniques and protect oneself from any attacker or perpetrator. 

Key takeaways:

  • Shoulder throw movement maintains swift hand movements and balanced positions.
  • Tactical advantage is created with proper timing and efficient use of physical strength.
  • Reaction measures and perception of handling situation assists in successful attempts to keep everyone safe. 

“There is no such thing as first place, second place, or third when talking about war mindset, it’s either you live or you die, it’s either yes or no, it’s either you impose your will or submit to theirs”

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LIVE Blade Training?

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In this very frank discussion about live blade training Mick Coup explains to viewers about a practical vision of using knives in combat or protection from attackers. Protective gear must be utilized while training with knife. The persons involved in training can use training knives or knives specifically used for training to avoid cuts, bruises while practicing. Training without knives will not bring a satisfactory result because it doesn’t assist in understanding the situation when being attacked by an enemy. Again, training with real knives can cause fatal damage and even highly trained officials avoid using real knives. Appropriate method is to use protective gear and plastic or training knifes to clearly master the techniques required for survival. 

The video is two minutes long and it demonstrates viewers to have a clear idea of using protective gear and equipment while learning the blade techniques so that they can be used when suddenly attacked. 

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