Arnis Stick Striking Combo

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Arnis Striking Combination That Will Help You Win Your First ...

Arnis stick striking combinations teach FMA practitioners the basic martial arts moves related to striking movements with sticks. There are different patterns to these combinations, which includes downward diagonal strike, horizontal strike, and vertical downward strike.

The combos are extremely flexible when implemented. Downward diagonal strike enables the stick to be in low position which makes it simple to perform a horizontal strike and it’s also possible to move the arnis stick backwards to utilize downward vertical strike successfully. The movement can be followed in sequences by initiating primary strike dodging counter attack and executing backhand horizontal strike movement following with vertical strike. Arnis stick strikes can be initiated using forearm and wrist with continuous strikes both within and outside the range of an attacker. 

The video is two minutes long but prepares the viewers the essential techniques required for defense against any assailant trying to cause harm.

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