6 Count Sumbrada In Filipino Martial Arts

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Sumbrada means to shadow. This demo shows viewers a sequence of techniques often referred to as Punyo Sumbrada.

In this demo, the sumbrada is started with an angle 5. As with all Filipino Martial Arts, hand movements must be accurate and proper timing must be maintained to evade attacks effectively. Footwork is essential and while attacks are being performed if the opponent blocks one hand, the person has to move forward and close the gap to defend against further attacks.

In addition to the checking hand, empty hand strikes and other weapons can be utilized. In escrima stick fighting, it’s essential that the angles movements be studied properly and slow paced attack can be executed to inflict damage.

When the attacker initiates an angle 5, the person can move aside check the attacker’s weapon and then use backhand attack flipping the stick on the attacker’s head to cause greater damage with the punyo of the escrima stick.

Appropriate control of hand movements is necessary of the execution may be weak on the opponent or may even be missed in that situation. If the attacker blocks the punyo, the person must move stick sideways to counter his movement and it must be in proper manner. Mistakes in counter may cause harm to the person’s finger so opponents move has to be calculated and then necessary tactics to be placed.

Key Takeaways:

  • This sumbrada can be started with an angle 5
  • With each strike with the escrima stick, a counter is followed 
  • Proper control of evasive movements can ensure better defense
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