5 Escrima Stick Disarms

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5 Stick Fighting Disarms ☑️ Advanced Escrima ⚔️ Real Self ...

Stick fighting disarm techniques are highly advanced and effective Filipino Martial Arts techniques. Many styles have their own perspective on how and when to execute disarms. Correct form is essential to master these skills, so that they can be utilized when necessary in a self defense situation with escrima sticks.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Centerline feeding thrust initiate a series of martial art moves for defensive and offensive attacks.
  • Fishhook disarm technique causes serious damage, if implemented effectively.
  • Experts are required to practice disarm and movement techniques to avoid physical damage.

Centerline thrust is a form of feeding which enables the movement shift while direct attack towards the viewer with stick or any harmful object. The person can move off line and pair the stick in movement or if the attack is during the middle of a fight, it is essential to move off the center line and swiftly use the stick in hand to drive off under the chin of the attacker.

The next sequence is to bind it by moving closer as a fold and throwing him away. In the last moment, the viewer must grab hold of the wrist to grasp the weapon as he remains vulnerable to a series of sequential attacks and leave him empty handed to avoid further possibility of attacks. While the opponent is getting off the line, the viewer must be conscious about the stick coming closer to nose or face and so the safety precautions is to practice someone who has prior experiences in the techniques and comfortable to work with.

Inside fish hook disarm technique (forehand thrust) can be established when the attacker initially arrives at offensive block through stick. The viewer can turn his/ her thumb to move hand around corner and fishhook or cause harm in the eyes with the stick effectively.

Three different moves can be done while going around in corner. Grabbing the knuckles of opponents and pushing the weapon out. The second move occurs while the opponent attacks by pinning, the viewer must bring around the stick and come closer to initiate further attack. The third movement is to block and strip in a fillet instead of sliding downwards.

Fillet through the stick in attacker’s arm will cause greater damage. Reverse fish hook disarm includes another technique where the viewer needs to catch the wrist thumb and tilting around with a stick in round movement applying downward pressure to remove attacker’s balance and throw him through drive movement. The punio disarm technique assists in scissor choke technique putting thumb in attackers neckline position while attack and grab cross hand to cut off blood flow initiating knee strikes. 

The disarm techniques assist viewers for all kinds of attacks through practice and swift movement. 

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