Worst Martial Arts Techniques

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Stephan Kesting is a very funny guy and in this video watch as he ridicules some of
the worst martial arts techniques he witnessed in his 30-year long career. The
techniques he showcases should not be implemented under any situation as they
are plainly stupid.

Firstly he shows the baseball bat blocking technique where you use one hand to
obstruct the strike from the assailant while breaking the bat with the elbow of
your other hand. You then proceed to beat up the attacker with the broken bat,
finishing the whole ordeal with a kick in the belly. Sounds simple and dramatic
right? Don’t try it.

In the next technique, he demonstrates the contents of a ninja guidebook he once
read. It showed how you can kill an armed soldier with a knife after bouncing it
off your feet. You got to see it for yourself to believe how benign and stupid these
techniques are.



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