Wing chun knockout moves you should know

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An inspiring and informative tutorial by martial-arts master Wing Chun. It goes very in depth on the perfect techniques and moves for knocking out an attacker. The demonstrations are very thorough and the demonstrators seem very invested in accurately portraying these techniques. After watching this video, you’ll walk away with a number of powerful strikes, jabs, and takedowns in your arsenal.

Key Takeaways:

  • FIRST TAKE AWAY IS WHAT WING CHUN knock out is the best to takeaway. hit the chest straight arm the solar plex area and it will knock your opponent out.
  • second take away is how to complete the move even if your opponent is pushing you away and blocking your moves. how to get balanced after your opponent pushes you back.
  • move works good with surprise. you dont have to work as hard if it’s by surprise. the move is meant to knock out but you have to surprise them and attack the center.

“In order to take someone out, it’s important to understand to surprise them and follow the centerline of movement.”

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  1. James Lentz

    Nice Move for martial arts, I already follow this rule to guide my students. I must say it is one of the best move in martial arts.

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