Why the Martial Arts Helps Us Brain Gooder

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After a certain point, physical skill isn’t really the focus of martial arts, or any sport. This self-styled martial arts mom discusses the value of training in developing mental and other life skills beyond mere physical prowess. For example: your speed in sparring can translate into quick processing of all the things life throws at you. Throughout the lifetime of an athlete, the mental skills that you develop have a far-reaching, positive influence on many other aspects of your life. The Stick Chick makes a very good case for training as a way to improve life beyond your sport.

Key Takeaways:

  • Martial Artists increases mental activity and strengthens thinking
  • Martial arts increases your mental speed
  • Martal arts increases you ability to succeed in other areas by learning to train.

“I absolutely believe that training into old age helps a person keep mentally sharp and engaged in the world, which contributes to our quality of life.”

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