Why Filipino Martial Arts?

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Ariel Gonzales, Henry Cabillon and Vince Mendoza are discussing the value of Filipino martial arts. All of them are experts of Filipino Martial Arts and have spent years in practicing this fighting art.

Henry Cabillion

According to Henry’s point of view, Filipino Martial Arts is extremely varied not because of concepts but because of a variety of tools, the hands, escrima sticks, daggers, stick and dagger, double weapons etc. Different styles of using all these tools, different styles of fighting and different way of confusing the opponents. Henry has its own way of thinking about martial arts as he has spent years in learning, practicing and then teaching Filipino martial arts.

Ariel Gonzales

Ariel Gonzales tells his story of joining Filipino Martial Arts . He says that when he was in Philippines, he didn’t see Filipino Martial Arts . Because in Philippines, foreign martial arts are more common than Filipino Martial arts, foreign martial arts like taekwondo and judo are common. When he came to America, he saw Filipino Martial Arts and found it interesting, this was the time when he felt a spark in him. FMA urged Ariel to learn more about his Filipino culture.

Vince Mendoza

Vince Mendoza seems inspired from both Ariel and Henry. As Mendoza says that he thought to learn Filipino Martial Arts when he saw Ariel and Henry pounding with sticks and I was amazed. He found FMA interesting and started to learn about it. Mendoza explains his inner feelings that he loved the art, loved the way two opponents hit each other in style. He loved to practice, and to participate in competitions because he likes to come home with gold medals.

The specification

Henry says that Filipino Martial Arts is different from other sports because there is not age or body restriction. People perform the martial arts till the end of their life. Their body shape is not a restriction in learning or teaching FMA. One can practice this art till the end of his life because it’s the game of wrists. The main focus is on wrists, you perform all the actions using your wrists, and wrists last for long time. Putting stress on other joints is not very necessary in FMA, just on wrists.

Ariel adds, and with bruises, yes Mendoza said, with bruises too. Because it is the sport of moving around and dancing and boxing like a pro.

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