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Martial Arts in the Philippians are discussed based on the narrator experience training with Grand Master Giron. The background is provided on how this style of martial arts was used during war time and was successful in defeating enemies who carried weapons. Basic skills are described, such as how training with sticks is important to the discipline.

Key Takeaways:

  • Original Giron Escrima is a fighting style using a machette that was used in actual combat and used against Japanese duing WW2
  • This fighting style is all about angles and timing, it’s not all about strength or advanced weaponry like guns. It can easily be taught and is safe to teach.
  • Grand Master Micheal Giron is in charge of a local group that learns the technique today. He is the son of grand master Leo Giron,

“The fact that the Filipino martial arts was still used in warfare in World War II fascinated me. That you were going up against Japanese soldiers that had rifles and still taking them out with just a machete or bolo.”

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