Using the knife from the closed guard by Ray Floro

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Using the knife from the bottom of a closed guard is a very tough thing. When it comes to handling a knife in a fight, it is a very serious thing that needs to be approached with great care. Your hands and positioning is very important when it comes to getting into a fight with a knife. There are many moves you need to understand.

Key Takeaways:

  • Normally in combat situations, involving a weapon, using distance as an ally, by keeping as much of it between oneself and one’s adversary, is a good guiding principal.
  • However, should close fighting prove necessary, for example, one gets knocked to the ground and one’s adversary moves into a dominant stance, a back up plan is necessary.
  • Ray Floro demonstrates a way to use the knife, when under such close guard, a technique that could actually transfer to other types of weapons as well.

“The big mistake with a knife is, you extend your arm.”

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