Training with THE European Boxing Champion

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The European champion can be a role model for a box training robot, keeping distance, making a sort of punches, tracking power of shots, speed, directions and patterns of hits. He is training with all the world champions at a gym and it is an advertisement to show boxers that they can be the best they can be at San Padres Boxing club

Key Takeaways:

  • Wing Chun demonstrates his own rapid fire technique, taking on Anthony Yiget, who is a current European boxing champion, still in his prime years.
  • A very agile Wing Chun finds that Yiget can actually keep up with him quite well.
  • Yiget is the first Swedish World Champion in 30 years and slated soon to enter a reverse Swedish World Championship competition.

“Wing Chun Martial Arts Master trains with boxing champion Anthony Yiget.”

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