Top 5 MMA Films You Can’t Miss

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The MMA(Mixed Martial Arts) article is a review of arguably the best films made with the plot centered on MMA. The films feature people from different walks of life and ages, forced as unwilling participants into fighting for a variety of reasons that stem from personal setbacks, and personal issues involving coming of age, money, alcohol abuse, and personal loss. Never Back Down, a coming- of- age story is told from the newly arrived in the neighborhood kid who is trying to fit in and inadvertently gets mixed up with the wrong girl with painful results.

Key Takeaways:

  • MMA is Mixed Martial Arts, and this article is ranking the must see MMA movies.
  • There are 5 movies total in his list of MMA movies.
  • 5. Warrior 4. Redbelt 3. Tapped Out 2. Undisputed 4 1. Never Back Down

“MMA or mixed martial arts has been popular for years and years. It does seem though it has rapidly grown in popularity over recent times, largely down to the success of the UFC and the stars that compete in it.”

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