Tim Kennedy – Hard to Kill

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This video is a documentary of the ‘Sheepdog Response training course’ conducted in the D.C area which is taught by the president and founder of ‘Sheepdog Response’, Tim Kennedy. It is conducted by film-maker Amir Ebrahimi, the owner of

Tim Kennedy is a special forces sniper, a ranger qualified green beret and a former UFC martial arts fighter. Tim reveals that the purpose of this training is to change the current culture of Americans.

The video also features American stand-up comedian, former television host and actor, mixed martial arts, podcast host, color commentator, and businessman Joseph James Rogan. He shares his thoughts on Tim and explains why Tim is such an incredible person.

During the first half video, we see Tim teaching many law enforcement officers sheepdog tactics and explaining the philosophy behind the training. The idea is not to be lethal or so dangerous that you can kill someone. The idea is to be so strong that you can protect yourself and other people from harm. This will let you enjoy a sense of freedom that is not achievable in any other way.

Thus, sheepdog training is provided in order to prevent bad things from happening instead of responding to it.

We learn in the video that Tim respects officers who commit to their oath of protecting and serving common people. However, he cannot stand people who are in law enforcement in order to have some authority and power or just to earn a paycheck.

During the second half of the video, we see Tim teaching his techniques and philosophy to civilians. He believes that although civilians didn’t swear an oath to protect other people, they still have a responsibility or a duty to protect their children. This means you should always be in your best form and be a role model for your kids.

Tim advises civilians that whenever they find themselves in an unavoidable life or death situation, they should assess themselves and the situation thoroughly with a clear head. A wrong move can get them killed or they can kill someone and go to jail. Neither option is a good choice.  

3 key points –

1. Sheepdog response is divided into two divisions – Service men and women, civilian.

2. Sheepdog training is provided to people so that they can stop something bad before it happens instead of responding to it after it has started.

3. You must drill all the techniques today so that you can survive when you encounter a life-threatening situation tomorrow.

“If we do our job right, if we do our job well, nobody will have to die.”

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