The Filipino Spear –Bangkaw

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In Filipino Martial Arts Competitions, weapons like sticks are very common. However, a man named Kuntawman wants to fight to allow other weapons in the competitions. An example of a different weapon is the bayonet. There is a lot of controversy over this weapon. Other weapons to be considered is spears and poles with barbed spikes. They are all forms of self defense and need to be accounted for.

Key Takeaways:

  • Yes, the Bayonet. Maybe some of you from the province forget that our old men taught this weapon as part of the Eskrima we studied.
  • In a rural home in Cebu I spotted a weapon that at first resembled a spear, a long pole about five feet long with two barbed spikes at the tip.
  • The idea was not to spear bats, per se, but to jab the barbed ends upward as bats swirled around.

“Kuntawman argued for including other weapons besides sticks in Filipino Martial Arts competitions, including the bayonet”

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