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One-on-one self defense is challenging enough. However, Abenir Kalis training also considers the possibility of multi-person attacks. Enactments, involving several people, are incorporated into training sessions, including weaponry, such as knives and sticks. A useful tactic to employ in multiple person attacks is that of geometry. Try to envision the battle field as a triangle with yourself as the peak point. If possible, place your opponents as close to equidistant as you can, and at either base point of the triangle, so you can watch them easily and then maneuver to pick them off.

Key Takeaways:

  • Though most people would just use instinct and reaction time to survive. We believe considering your location in relation to your opponents is also essential.
  • Then choose a side either left or right to run to to create that triangle distance even if they give chase they will align in a triangle if you run to one side.
  • The idea is just survive not conquer. If you try to conquer in this scenario you are likely gonna get injured or die in the process. Survive long enough to create space for a hasty retreat.

“I myself have tried these tactics with some level of success, by success I mean I was able to survive, not win against my opponents.”

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