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Street Ezkrima edged weapons training is a very cool thing. Knife training is the heart of the curriculum in this system. There are so many nuances to this incredible form of combat and a lot of people will have a lot to learn studying it. The knife training will have a practical component because people do not carry swords on the street, but they do carry knives.

Key Takeaways:

  • Filipino martial arts training embodies both empty hand and edged weapon techniques.
  • For the purpose of easy visibility and explaining philosophy, bolo and machete knifes can be used to demonstrate techniques of Filipino martial arts, edged weapon training.
  • However, Filipino martial arts training is meant to be relevant in today’s world and is therefore meant to be useful against street knives and even guns.

“Although we have put up a lot of videos on bolo or machete type swords for quite some time already and have expounded most of our principles and philosophies using these weapons, the knife which we seldom put up is still the very center of our training regimen along with our empty hand fighting.”

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