Stick versus Club

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Using a stick is very common in martial arts but there are a few reasons to try using a club as well. A stick is easier to whip around it comes in several varieties from a short stick to a staff and many can be wielded in both hands. A club is heavier at the end, like a baseball bat, and hits harder, what you lose in grip positions you gain in power. It’s good to train with a club because in an emergency situation, most items available like flashlights and hammers are actually clubs.

Key Takeaways:

  • -First of all, let us look at the difference between a stick and a club. A stick is generally a long tube, a cylinder that is the same diameter from one end to the other
  • -On the other hand, a club is heavier than a stick. It is typically larger in diameter
  • – A stick is easier to whip around with the wrist and forearm in the abaniko or witik strikes of the short stick styles –a heavy club isn’t suitable for those strikes.

“While a club is clumsier when gripped by the heavy end, and doesn’t lend itself to grip changes, you really have to ask yourself if the ability to change grips is really worth the corresponding loss in power.”

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