Pummel Drill for Knife Encounters

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Ryan Hill explains the Pummel Drill for Knife Encounters. You start in a neutral grappling position. This position often happens in a fist fight when one person is losing and realizes he can grapple his opponent and escape his blows. It consists of the two combatants standing and grabbing each other. Pummeling is when the two people basically smack each other with their chests and arms while they change positions within the hold. He says you should be aware of the positions of your combatants hands as they can reach down for a weapon at any time while pummeling.

Key Takeaways:

  • Although wrestling is a sport and an athletic activity, it also has potential real life applications that could save your life in an actual emergency.
  • Many hands-on wrestling drill/moves are similar to moves that happen during a violent altercation, making them good to use as defensive moves and potentially disarming moves too.
  • Wrestlers know to make the best use of their own and their opponent’s space, which can have crucial implications in the event of being accosted by a knife-wielding attacker.

“Because if I’m going to get stabbed, shot, choked, punched, tackled it’s going to happen with his hands.”

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