Self-Defense for Minimalists: The Only Kick You Will Ever Need

This kick can save you if you’re in a bad situation. It is great self defense. It is a technique which will work in most cases. You don’t even need another kind of kick. It’s important to know how to defend yourself. It’s not nice to think of being in danger but you might not be able to avoid it. Having a plan will at least help.

Key Takeaways:

  • Interestingly, one of the most basic, yet effective techniques for fending of opponents arises from a technique oft-used on Georgia farms.
  • Affectionately dubbed the Georgia stomp, the technique is often called a push kick, or a piston, or front kick, in martial arts vernacular.
  • Whether or not you call it the Georgia stomp, it’s considered a good defensive striking kick, as it packs both power and versatility.

“After many years of practice, I realized I preferred it not just for its ease of use but because experience had proved it superior to other leg techniques.”

Cold Steel – Two Handed Great Sword – YouTube

The two handed great sword is a very cool piece of equipment. It is very sharp and very powerful. Absolute precision needs to be practiced in order to be an effective swordsman with this one. It can cut through just about anything and there are a variety of uses for it. It has a very impressive design as well.

Key Takeaways:

  • The best way to hold a sword for a powerful hit is with 2 hands spaced widely on the hilt.
  • It is also key to have a good, wide stance when delivering a powerful blow with a sword.
  • If done properly, the sword can cut through an entire human torso.

“Though renowned for its massive swinging cuts, the Great Sword is surprisingly versatile and deceptively maneuverable.”

How to throw a knockout punch

There is an easy way to throw a knockout punch. A lot of people might think that they can throw a really good punch, but there is a technique to it and a right way to do it. If you do it wrong, you will not have a very powerful effect and nothing will really change much. You feet play a huge role in the punch.

Key Takeaways:

  • The most important part of a punch comes from you feet, and all your power is created from having a good stance.
  • Everything about good punching comes from your balance and your mind.
  • Training and being a good fighter is also all about the passion and it doesn’t matter how old you are.

“Wing Chun master and dangerous boxing professional to destroy the Wing Chun man, streetfighter and boxer.”

Fred Mastro | Back Against The Wall Technique – YouTube

The back against the wall technique, mastered by a man named Fred Mastro is very complicated but it will do you a lot of good to learn it. It is a mix with Silat and Kali. It is meant to stop the opponent immediately. It involved both arms and will help you defend yourself. It is a great technique that will keep you safe.

Key Takeaways:

  • If someone has both their hands on your neck lock your hands, yank down on their arm to get them away.
  • Another method to get someone strangling you away is to throw a hard palm into their face.
  • To protect your head from oncoming hits, keep your elbow up to block any punches.

“It’s a mix with Silat and Kali traditional moves and “re-change” the good moves to stop him immediately.”

Bastinelli Knives

Bastinelli knives are very interesting things. One man has a passion in life and he never closes his eyes and regrets his life. He knows tomorrow that he will be doing what he loves. He considers himself lucky to be able to do what he does and hopes the same for other people.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is important and key in a happy life not to get up and go to a job, but go to do what you’re passionate about.
  • Sometimes, to live doing your passion it isn’t just about hard work, but lots of luck.
  • When you’re doing what you love, your workplace becomes more like a home.

“I just close my eyes and I know I am not going to my workshop, I mean home; it’s the same.”

Krabi Krabong Double-Sword Demonstration – YouTube

Krabi Krabong is best known for double swords, but it can be used with many kinds of weapons. Long swords, short swords and daggers can be used for this. There are many kinds of drills that teach you hand eye reaction time as well as other key things you need in order to master this art.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kabica bong is a Ty based martial arts.
  • The weapons used in kabica bong are long sticks, stabs,single and double swords, daggers, and my salt
  • You learn mobility, distance, hand eye reaction when using two swords.

“The aggressive footwork and rapid-fire weapon attacks make it a nightmare to defend against.”

9 Concealed Weapons You Didn’t Know Existed | Doug Marcaida – YouTube

There are 9 concealed weapons that you probably did not know existed. There are many things with rings on them. The ring feature, from a weapons point of view is very interesting. Anything that allows you to have a ring is better retention. These are very interesting weapons that many people have no idea about.

Key Takeaways:

  • Anything that allows you to have a ring is better retention.
  • Regular scissors have retention like a carbonic because of the ring features.
  • Claw ring is something that can be hidden in your hand while making a fist during fighting.

“Many of these concealed weapons were gathered by Doug as the travels across the globe training and cross training with elite fighting units and old masters of the art.”

Doug Marcaida | Marcaida Kali | Weapon Attributes – YouTube

There are many different attributes to weapons. Anything with an edge can cut people. It does not matter what kind of knife you have, they can all cut. A sword is no different than the edge of another sharp weapon. Anything curved with an edge can lacerate. There is a lot to think about in this area.

Key Takeaways:

  • Anything with an edge can lacerate. There is no difference in knives except for the ability to decapitate.
  • Anything with a point can puncture depending on the size of the target
  • Blunted or flat surface objects has a impact blood force trauma.

“Weaponizing everyday items is as easy as understanding the capabilities and limitations of physical attributes of inanimate objects.”

When Fred is against a wall he breaks… – Funker Martial Arts

Funker Tactical, famous for putting out amazing gun & gear tactical training videos and the like are expanding to include more martial arts! The Funker Martial Arts channel recently launched on YouTube, featuring some awesome technique videos with martial artists such as Doug Marcaida, Fred Mastro, Ryan Hoover and yours truly. It is awesome to get to work with these guys! We have filmed several videos that will be released periodically. I hope you all enjoy the techniques as they come,

Key Takeaways:

  • Marcaida/Mastro Seminar in Paris is a quick and easy training session in self defense.
  • The technique taught in this short video will help anyone attacked on the city streets.
  • The lessons taught in this video are beneficial to all people including policeman and other servants of the public.

“This is a mix of a lot of different ancient martial art techniques.”

How to defend against a bat – Wing Chun

An instructor shows students how to defend themselves, through body manipulation, against being attacked with a bat. He demonstrates that you need to utilise not only control but you need to commit to your actions as you follow through. As the attacker approaches and swings the bat, he shows how to use your hands to block, place the bat under your armpit, and push or kick the assailant away.

Key Takeaways:

  • Self Defense Training is never unnecessary. Most assailants do not expect you to be prepared or to fight back. Be Prepared!
  • Size differences, regardless of what they are against an attacker are not an advantage unless you use your body against your assailant. Simply raising your hands to protect your head/skull can be the first maneuver to self protection.
  • Using your body and your brain in an attack situation can mean the difference of survival. You have the power to disarm your attacker. Catch your attacker off guard.

“You got to remember this man is your enemy”