Angel Cabales demonstrating 12 angles of Serrada Escrima

Grand Master Angel Cabales with Master Sultan Uddin was in Oakland California in the late 80s. During his time there, he gave seminars at local martial arts schools, demonstrating technique and training routines. Boiled down to the basics, most martial arts consist of a series of forms, targets, and positions. A master such as Master Uddin has not only memorized these, but can also summon and execute them even in the midst of a bout; matching the best moves to the correct targets.


Very informational tutorial if you are interested in learning more about Filipino Martial Arts. Very detailed and great quality sound and audio as well. It is easy to follow and understand. So if you are looking to learn a new technique. In the marital arts field, then this video would be great for you. Especially if you are interested in find out how to do single stick throws!

Key Takeaways:

  • Single stick Filipino Martial Arts can be used to bring someone under control with or without disarming them
  • It can also be used to actually choke someone
  • You must move slowly and carefully when practicing it so that you do not harm your partner

“”Just remember that when you are training with your partner, take your time. Some of these positions are very, very delicate.””


Martial Arts in the Philippians are discussed based on the narrator experience training with Grand Master Giron. The background is provided on how this style of martial arts was used during war time and was successful in defeating enemies who carried weapons. Basic skills are described, such as how training with sticks is important to the discipline.

Key Takeaways:

  • Original Giron Escrima is a fighting style using a machette that was used in actual combat and used against Japanese duing WW2
  • This fighting style is all about angles and timing, it’s not all about strength or advanced weaponry like guns. It can easily be taught and is safe to teach.
  • Grand Master Micheal Giron is in charge of a local group that learns the technique today. He is the son of grand master Leo Giron,

“The fact that the Filipino martial arts was still used in warfare in World War II fascinated me. That you were going up against Japanese soldiers that had rifles and still taking them out with just a machete or bolo.”

Filipino Martial Arts Kali in India | Eternal Flow

I want to take you on a journey, one that you have never been on before. Become something bigger than yourself and unleash the warrior in you. Along with a beautiful destination located on the beaches of India. Here you will find Kali, the path of the warrior. Through martial arts we will take you on this journey. Come and flow with me.

Saturday Morning Flow Spar Session 7/30/2016

A Saturday morning flow spar session is a very rigorous exercise. The sparring takes place between two people and the motions are fast. It is a very impressive thing to watch and it is a good training technique for people that are interested in sparring. Martial arts require a lot of training and precision.

Key Takeaways:

  • Inayan is a Filipino martial arts school located in San Jose California and teaches this style of fighting
  • In the video the two fighters are trading blows with each other using short sticks
  • They aren’t trying to make contact with each other but are instead trying to practice controlled strikes and blocks

“You got to work hard to want to compete”

Kali, Arnis, Escrima Drills Filipino Martial Arts FMA

Two young escrimadors are practicing a Filipino Martial Arts using rattan sticks. The two of them appear to be in from the martial arts school. They have clearly spent some time memorizing the different movements involved with each of these exercises. They appear to be competed and very capable with the sticks they are sparring with. There is rock music playing in the video to set the intense mood.

MMA JKD Training

This is an interesting video to watch to see some Jett Kune Do hits and combinations preformed in a safe environment among friends. They begin the video by showing a full speed demonstration, then they go on to break it down into parts so that the viewer can see how it is done, both with a protective pad to hit and without one. The video is about four minutes so you really get to see in detail how to preform this hit combination.

Key Takeaways:

  • The trainer gives the fighter the opportunity to work on combos at both slow and full speed
  • He wants his fighter to get the combos and understand the power of them on the ring
  • Since it is Muay Thai, the fighter has a chance to do punches, kicks and even grapples.

“What the basics? Who would have thought of that?”

Improve Your Muay Thai Now: How Master Toddy Trains Champions, Part 1

Master Toddy likes to train people and show them how to do it. One the things he has found is that people who take up martial arts are shy, often taking it up because they are being pushed around. He likes to give them confidence to do the sport and improve over time.

Key Takeaways:

  • Most people who do martial arts are shy. They’re nice people who’ve been pushed around, and they want to protect themselves
  • Once they believe in it, they win. It’s mental programming. It’s not about the kicking and punching; it’s about connecting
  • I don’t train every punch and kick; I train him to use his other techniques to set up his right hand.

“”I was successful because I’m a very positive person. Every day I tell my people how important it is to be positive.””

Kali Silat Effective Self Defense

The Denver Martial Arts Center shows how the Kali Silat system of self defense can be effective. A variety of people are shown using it: male, female, big, little, students, coaches. Different moves are demonstrated. Information about other programs offered at the center is briefly displayed, including names of programs and websites to find information.

Filipino Martial Arts – Defensor Method Albany Park

This Filipino exercise is more about blocking and precision than it is about speed and pressure. By getting the sparring partners getting used to each other, they’ll be able to anticipate each other’s moves and motions down the road, especially as they move from sticks to weapons. They also learn how to combine the motions seamlessly to move from one into the next and utilize all motions of their body, from punches to block and kicks and slashes, to become more effective.