The Filipino Spear –Bangkaw

In Filipino Martial Arts Competitions, weapons like sticks are very common. However, a man named Kuntawman wants to fight to allow other weapons in the competitions. An example of a different weapon is the bayonet. There is a lot of controversy over this weapon. Other weapons to be considered is spears and poles with barbed spikes. They are all forms of self defense and need to be accounted for.

Key Takeaways:

  • Yes, the Bayonet. Maybe some of you from the province forget that our old men taught this weapon as part of the Eskrima we studied.
  • In a rural home in Cebu I spotted a weapon that at first resembled a spear, a long pole about five feet long with two barbed spikes at the tip.
  • The idea was not to spear bats, per se, but to jab the barbed ends upward as bats swirled around.

“Kuntawman argued for including other weapons besides sticks in Filipino Martial Arts competitions, including the bayonet”

Doug Marcaida – Training with two weapons doesn’t need to be…


Training with two weapons may seem like a daunting task at first glance, but if you pursue it, then it might not be that hard to figure out. It is just multi tasking with knives. There are a variety of different techniques in this area and anyone can master it with the right approach and dedication.

Double Weapons Training

Training with two weapons doesn't need to be complicated. It's just multitasking with knives!What is your favourite two weapon training technique?

Posted by Doug Marcaida on Monday, February 27, 2017

Key Takeaways:

  • when you see double weapon work in martial arts, one weapon is for protecting, and the other is connecting and going direct
  • A weapon can jam, a weapon can pass, and a weapon can jam and pass and redirect.
  • Training with two weapons doesn’t need to be complicated. It’s just multitasking with knives!

“Our training comes from the weapon. Why the weapon first? Because the weapon makes me ultra sensitive to my coordination, because I have to do all of this with my fist closed.”

Hand Fighting Drill For Knife Grip Strength

He demonstrates a drill where he is trying to isolate the hand that has a knife. The two men are basically standing and grabbing each others hands and forearms. It is very difficult and it is why we work on grip strength. The man with the knife can switch knife hands, grab his opponent’s wrists.

Key Takeaways:

  • be cognizant of what wrist you are trying to control
  • try as best as you can to isolate the hand that has the knife
  • the move is very difficult to do

“I’m trying as best I can to isolate the hand that has the knife. And you’re gonna find out really fast how hard this is to do.”

Journey with Abenir Kalis

Maestro Fernando “Bong” Abenir is among the most dynamic teachers of Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) in the country today. He describes the current system he teaches as a synthesis of the various martial arts he has studied through the years. Abenir sits down with FIGHT Times to reveal his philosophy as a teacher and the salient features of his fighting art.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bong Abenir is a Filipino Martial Arts Instructor.
  • Around late 1994 he trained although rather informally with Grand Maestro Antonio Ilustrisimo but was short-lived due to Tatang’s death in August 1997.
  • Abenir Kalis Filipino Blade Art is a blend of different fighting arts such as kalis Ilustrisimo, Silat and other fighting systems in the Philippines

“My first trip I was exhausted and got to literally feel Ka Marvin’s number 4 strike which despite adjustments on my part he was still so efficient. First time ever I experienced extreme quickness in foot movement and striking delivery. His instruction was so organized and he gave plenty of time for practice.”

FMA clip

Although martial arts is a serious sport, it also has quite a fluidity to it. When paired with upbeat music, there is an attractiveness to the movements. It almost looks like a well choreographed dance. It is a physical activity that is appealing to both male and female and it certainly is helpful for a person’s coordination and speed.

Key Takeaways:

  • If, the essence of defense is to turn opposition [of opponents] away, down and out — removing foes’-balance while keeping self-balance — until “check-mate”.
  • So one must master the basics first and Presas shows his mastery of this superb Filipino martial art (Arnis) with his ability to bring it up to date in a system he founded called Modern Arnis
  • The angles of the moves, for each move-set, are some of the best I have seen of any defense/combative art.

Donnie Yen: The Martial Artist Who Brought a Wing Chun Legend to Life in 3 Ip Man Movies

Donnie Yen is the man who brought a Wing Chun legend to life in 3 Ip Man movies. He had a very great technique that allowed him to dominate the world of martial arts. He was in a movie with Jet Li. He has a very long history with martial arts. He also starred in the 1993 film Iron Monkey. He has done a lot of film work.

Key Takeaways:

  • In part because he longed to follow in the footsteps of Bruce Lee, Donnie Yen decided to try his hand at action films.
  • With hit after hit under his belt, Donnie Yen built himself into one of Asia’s most bankable actors.
  • What I got was a great interview with a man who’s humble, hardworking and still hungry for higher achievements.

“With hit after hit under his belt, Donnie Yen built himself into one of Asia’s most bankable actors. In 2008 he landed what would be his heaviest role to date: playing wing chun grandmaster Yip Man in Ip Man.”

Escrima Stick vs Police Baton!

The escrima stick and the police baton are tested to compare how they would impact a coconut. Each weapon is utilized with an equal force and at the same angle. The video is done in slow motion to show the impact of each weapon. The results show that a police baton can cause more damage than the escrima stick.

Guy Cuts Gallon of Water Seven Times and it barely moves.

A very sharp knife and some precision, and the next thing you know, a gallon of water is no longer in the same form that it was just a few moments earlier. With very little disruption, it’s cut into numerous pieces. The slow motion of the video and the musical background add to the suspense of the person using the machete to cut the gallon jug. It’s actually quite beautiful with the slow motion water spraying up after the cuts.

Sifu Guru Riddhi Dutta posted a video

KABOSI is a technique only a select few can master. With this video newly uploaded by Siifu Guru, your KABOSI training can be taken to the next level. The informative,illustrative video shows you techniques,tricks, and offers lots of useful tips, too.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sifu/Guro Riddhi Dutta is the founder of the R-Extreme Combatives World Corp.
  • Wing Chun is the Mordern Trapping Hand Skills
  • KABOSI are used in Kali (Reactive Knife Mordern Techniques)

“Filipino Martial Arts Network is the premier social network for everyone interested or involved with the Filipino Martial Arts.”

Enter the Mind of Master Ken, the Martial Artist Behind Enter the Dojo, Part 2

There is a man named Master Ken, who is a martial artist behind the Dojo. When one person choses to teach an art as deadly as Ameri-Do-Te, it is very important to council students on how to not wind up in jail. Some of the moves that Master Ken teaches cannot be taught for liability reasons. Some of the holds are inescapable.

Key Takeaways:

  • You’re about to read comments from a real martial artist (Matt Page) interspersed with comments from a fictional character (Master Ken).
  • Absolutely. Some of the moves I’ve invented simply cannot be taught for liability reasons.
  • It’s called the “gas chamber.” I can’t send civilians out in public with that kind of knowledge. It’s just too dangerous.

“Each time something weird happened in any dojo, I would take a mental note and say, Someday I’m gonna do something creative with all this.”