Interpreting Karambit Movements on Flesh Using the Pika

Funker Martial Arts shows how to use a Karambit for combat, a short curved claw blade. The instructor discusses basic slice techniques and how to practice properly.

He created this video to correct many mistakes people make while training. Demonstrates how to approach and attack your opponent correctly in a fight.

Key Takeaways:

  • Demonstration of how kerambit destroys meat
  • Kerambits lend themselves to this type of martial combat
  • Using specific techniques can cause lots of damage

“You practice knife, you learn some movement.”

How to defend against a gun to the face

If someone approaches you with a gun to your head, there is little you can do, so first you will talk to them. Next you will learn to get the gun away from the person and disarm them. Finally, you will be able to keep yourself safe and get away from the dangerous situation.

Key Takeaways:

  • My name is Master Wong. I created the Master Wong System in 1992.
  • As a Martial Arts Master it is my sincere desire for all of my students worldwide to gain the skills they need and improve the quality of their lives, by following the principles of my system.
  • All of my YouTube videos give an insight into the systems I teach, from instructional videos to funny scenario based videos.

“Give them whatever they want and hope they don’t fucking shoot you”


Improving martial arts weapon accuracy is very important for training in escrima.  Visualizing where your weapons land is essential to being cognitively connected to your training.  Flailing wildly is bad for training and converts poorly to combat.  You should train your weapons to be a marksman, not shotguns.  This gives great info on improving so you can better defend yourself if you need to as well which is the other use for weapons.

ABENIR KALIS – Light Sparring

The video shows Guro Sebastian Rauch, of Hamburg, Germany, engaging in a sparring session with one of his dedicated practitioners. The men are practicing a sport known as Filipino blade fighting in which they spar against each other with a stick. They are seen using a variety of blocking and swinging tactics in order to win over their opponent.

Key Takeaways:

  • Guro Sebastian Rauch handles a small group of dedicated practitioners in Hamburg, Germany. He is shown here doing some light sparring.
  • For those who live nearby and is interested in learning our system, kindly contact Guro Sebastian through Facebook messenger under the name: Esteban Humo.
  • For the list of legitimate instructors of Abenir Kalis Filipino Blade Art, kindly refer to our blogsite:

“There is no dialogue in this video”

Muay Thai | A Great Drill For Snap Elbows!

This is a Muay Thai demonstration video. The two men are showing many elbow moves.This drill is meant to help develop speed and reaction of the elbows. This is very important in this sport.

You need to be quick to knock people out.

How to get out of a headlock FOLLOW UP – Wing Chun

A headlock can be dangerous, so you need to know how to properly escape one. The basic idea is to first limit the amount of pressure your attacker can put on your neck, either by grabbing onto their arm or, if they are attempting a headlock from behind, turning your head so that your chin blocks their arm. Then, depending on what kind of a headlock you’re in, you can disrupt them by attacking their groin or stomping their foot, and then breaking the headlock.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to properly complete getting out of a headlock while not what to do when placed into a headlock
  • There is a proper way to get out of a headlock without hurting yourself.
  • How to move so that the person putting you in the headlock cannot hurt or put you in a more disadvantageous placement.

“Wing Chun Master teaches students fight tips to How to get out of a headlock FOLLOW UP-Wing Chun. Real Wing Chun Master, Master Wong explains how his style Is used against boxing, MMA, and Muay Thai. Traditional Wing Chun master explains how his training is used in the Wing Chun Street fight.”


This technique is very interesting. Using the elbows t defend incoming punches and counter attack. This video is very well explained and I definitely recommend this video for anyone who wants to try this Filipino martial art.I to myself practice boxing and would incorporate this in my routine for self defense. Good step by step instruction …I embrace and learning all eclectic deadly arts for my skill and refinement.

Key Takeaways:

  • One technique known as a jab Go through the destruct motion to the inside motion Blocking with hook motion
  • Learning different techniques in empty hand format With use of elbow
  • Different ways of adding force of Defense when you push away leg from body And push on shoulders

“With an influence from the blade work in Filipino Martial Arts, learn a few techniques in empty hand format with the use of the elbow! Train with a partner and learn the in’s and out’s of this week’s episode of Technique Tuesday.”

Antonio Banderas takes a vow of silence in Acts of Vengeance

This is a trailer for a movie starring Antonio Banderas in Acts of Vengeance. Main characters wife and daughter are murdered. Until he can avenge them he takes a vow of silence. Some action scenes are then shown and some dry humor dialogue. Main character is portrayed as kick-ass

INSANE Folding Katana & Assassin’s Creed Hidden Blade!!!

Never seen a this type of katana blade. This guy has such an imagination. It is something I would purchase to have as my collection. I too collect knives and things like collector’s items. I mean the wrist knife would really neat to have.

Key Takeaways:

  • Blade maker is proud of his work
  • Blade maker made a folding katana blade
  • Blade maker also made a hidden blade

“A folding katana!”

5 Self Defence Moves Everyone Should Know Pt. 2

5 Self Defense moves the average person can learn and use in a time of need! Step by step movements that will help protect you if you’re being attacked. Everyday steps will help you learn Self Defense on your own leisurely time.

Warning: explicit language may be used during this video. Entertaining and Educational!