Top 5 MMA Films You Can’t Miss

The MMA(Mixed Martial Arts) article is a review of arguably the best films made with the plot centered on MMA. The films feature people from different walks of life and ages, forced as unwilling participants into fighting for a variety of reasons that stem from personal setbacks, and personal issues involving coming of age, money, alcohol abuse, and personal loss. Never Back Down, a coming- of- age story is told from the newly arrived in the neighborhood kid who is trying to fit in and inadvertently gets mixed up with the wrong girl with painful results.

Key Takeaways:

  • MMA is Mixed Martial Arts, and this article is ranking the must see MMA movies.
  • There are 5 movies total in his list of MMA movies.
  • 5. Warrior 4. Redbelt 3. Tapped Out 2. Undisputed 4 1. Never Back Down

“MMA or mixed martial arts has been popular for years and years. It does seem though it has rapidly grown in popularity over recent times, largely down to the success of the UFC and the stars that compete in it.”

The Return of Bare-Knuckle Fighting

Believe it or not, bare-knuckles boxing is really less dangerous when it comes to potential head injuries than boxing with gloves. This was the argument presented by promoter Dave Feldman, and it persuaded Cheyenne, Wyoming to hold an upcoming pugilistic event (without gloves) on June 2nd. This event is indeed rare, since it will be the first of its kind champion boxing match since 1889. There are new rules, though. Who knows? Perhaps fisticuffs without gloves will catch on and become popular again and this event will thus be historical.

Key Takeaways:

  • A sanctioned and regulated bare-knuckle boxing event
  • The Return of Bare-Knuckle Fighting
  • Weight classes will be similar to those found in MMA

“In those days London Prize Rules governed boxing, whereby sweeps, takedowns and throws were permitted. In the updated version of fisticuffs, weight classes will be similar to those found in MMA, and standup-style grappling that allows for the fighters to hit with a free hand will be permitted.”

Kontra saksak Abenir Kalis

If you need to practice a quick martial arts technique to defend yourself against a knife wielding attacker, this video is very helpful. With knife wielding attacks now becoming more common, especially in Europe, knowing how to defend yourself against a knife thrust can be a great defensive weapon.

I am sure the attacker would think twice of attacking anyone else again when the intended victim puts up a good defense using this basic technique.

Taekwondo Master Jhoon Rhee Says There Is No Such Thing as Advanced Stances and Positions!

The late Taekwondo Master, Jhoon Rhee, decries the idea of “advanced stances” in the realm of martial arts. Rhee holds that repetition and reflex is most important; to him, martial arts is about mastering motions to the point of automation. The body learns stances and techniques through practice, not through particular moves. Jhoon Rhee breaks down martial arts into twelve basic stances, and holds that these basics are enough for any individual to grasp martial arts.

Key Takeaways:

  • Your hands should be like heat-seeking missiles, guiding themselves to their target.
  • Each basic move must be repeated over and over again to become part of you.
  • Your hands should be like heat-seeking missiles, guiding themselves to their target.

“Learning a striking art such as taekwondo is like learning how to drive a car, he explains. “First you learn the basics. You are nervous for a while, but pretty soon you become more used to doing everything. Later you don’t even think about it. You just drive because it becomes part of your body.”

The UnSTOPPABLE BLADE ! Kung Fu Teacher Cant Defend the Silat Knife!

The Unstoppable blade looks a very useful tool. It looks very light weight and easy to conceal. The Silat knife held its own against the Kung-Fu teacher in the video. It seems to be a very powerful tool that can be used to protect your self from danger.

413REVIEW: Senator Migz Zubiri

This video is very inspiring because of how passionate the speaker and the senator are about martial arts and the essence of their heritage. I think it is very honorable to make that law a real thing because it really shows how people can strive to continue to put their mark on the world as a culture with something that can go on for generations to come.


This is a short instructional video about Kali sparring. The video contains many tips, tricks, and techniques about how to better utilize Kali sticks for what they were made for. The video also has advice on how to safely use the Kali sticks so that you will avoid any injuries and to provide you with more success in utilizing your Kali sticks.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many competitions will use the patent stick to avoid giving anyone any real harm.
  • The majority of the time, the points are earned through shots from the waist up with the patent stick.
  • It is as much of a thinking game as it is a sparring match. Ones who can think quickly usually are very good.

“This episode focuses a little more on the sport aspect of kali sparring.”


Neil Simkin gives a very comprehensive step by step demonstration on how to do a proper ankle lock. He walks you through the exact positioning of not only your legs and arms, but also explains how you should and should not move. He goes over the positioning a few times to make sure he is understood and he makes it look easy to accomplish.

Combo Interruption : EVERY TURN IS MY TURN Boxing/Panantukan Mentality

Light sparring, combination development, and control are all features of this video from JRA Fitness. Witness just over a minute of sparring between two Panantukan practitioners who are working on developing a flow in a fast-paced sparring session. Both fighters are working together to improve their techniques. While they are not sparring at one hundred percent they are allowing each other time to develop combinations and technique.

Key Takeaways:

  • This is western boxing and “Panantukan” which is a term that has come to mean “Eskrima-based Filipino boxing” in the west
  • Every sparring session is serious with the intent of winning
  • The term “Panantukan” is too deeply entrenched in Filipino Martial Arts that it might be here to stay

“The video has no human voices, but displayed on the on top of the screen in the second half of the video is the words “Inspire, empower, motivate.” I think any physical sport requires self confidence in order to be successful, thus they need to be inspired, empowered and have the motivation in order to be successful.”

The Iconic Filipino Bolo

This was a very interesting video featuring the Filipino Bolo. It appears that their object involves trying to disarm the other person of their blade. Almost every time the man with the fencing helmet was disarmed of his bolo and stabbed in the chest or gut. Every time the man with the helmet on tried to attack, he ended up getting blocked and then stabbed.  Great blade work!