Multiple Attackers, Self-Defense

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Street fights can go very ugly very quick. At times like these, you must have something to protect yourself. More precisely you must have the knowledge to counter any possible assailants that might tread your way.

However, remember that it is ok to run away from a fight. You can fight doesn’t mean you should. While engaging an opponent, you are completely unaware of the arsenal they are carrying. So your first priority is to flee if you have the chance.

Meet Ryan Hoover as he shows you how you can deal will multiple attackers. The following points highlight some of the most important things you need to remember whenever you find yourself in an unfavorable situation.

  • Priority 1- De-escalation

Always try to talk your way out of a fight. If they want something that is livable, just get it over with. It is not worth putting your life at such a  risk.

  • Find the boss

This may seem weird, but every gang has a gang leader. Although this is not a foolproof strategy, if you’re backed up against the wall, you can use this to get a quick escape or to break the morale of the gang.

Once a gang sees that their leader has taken a beating and is unable to fight anymore, they will most probably run away. If they engage, they would obviously be a bit more scared thereby making them madly disoriented and much easier to handle.

  • This is not the Hollywood

Whatever you do, don’t do something stupid like they are shown in the movies.

It is never a good idea to take more than one fight. As you’re engaged with one, the other might sneak in a blow or two. Always make sure that you’re taking on one person at a time. Don’t go on a feeding frenzy, hit them quick and hard and once they are immobilized move on to the next target or run if you have the chance, but never engage two people at the same time.

  • Use deadly force accordingly

Judge the situation you’re possibly in and decide if deadly force is at all necessary to resolve this conflict. The force can range from breaking a few bones right down to killing someone.

Ryan Hoover is an interesting guy and his advice regarding street skirmishes it true to every word. The 15-minute long video is quite generous in dishing out information which you will find interesting.

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