Muay Thai Strategic by Ajarn Buck Grant

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The linked video was a promotional for an upcoming video series showing casing various styles and techniques used in Muay Thai martial arts. The video contained slow motion sequences of two different fighters displaying their abilities with some music in the background to set the mood. While now exact release date was promised, the video ends with a “coming soon” caption and a link to the creator’s website.

Key Takeaways:

  • This video is instructional on how to do Muay Thai tactics, not only using self defense, they also cover combat sports as well.
  • This video has two constant characters as well one trainer, and one trainee.
  • They show up close contact moves and then break it down for you pretty fast. It looks like a preview of something I could buy.

“Cover your wrist, wrist on top of wrist, surrounding the head.”

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