Muay Thai – Clinch Escape – Cross Face

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Muay Thai – Clinch Escape – Cross Face

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In the “Muay Thai – Clinch Escape – Cross Face” video, Sifu Kevin Le, the owner and head instructor of Elite Academy of Martial Arts (EAMA) teaches us how to escape from a Muay Thai clinch a.k.a plum, using the cross face technique. In order to demonstrate the technique, he takes the aid of Muay Thai assistant instructor Katherine McAllister.

It is evident from the background that the video was shot in the gym or the dojo of the academy. In fact, we see some students sparring in a boxing ring in the background. Due to this, there is a lot of background noise in the video which makes it difficult to understand what the master is saying in some places. However, it is still relatively easy to understand the technique as it is demonstrated very clearly.

In the video, we learn that if you get caught in a clinch, you should always try to keep your head back and stay tall so that your opponent cannot force you into a full tight clinch. This is the first step. Breaking a full tight clinch is very difficult as it is a very strong lock. So, we should focus on not getting ourselves into such a difficult position in the first place.

The second step is to maintain this posture and put your hands around your opponent’s body around the chest level or their head. You may think that doing this will even the odds but the truth is that your opponent still has an advantage over your hold. If you try to knee them, they can just tilt your head and move your body around.

The third step is to cross face your opponent in order to get to the inside. The cross face will loosen your opponent’s hold and allow you to get your hand on the inside This is very difficult to do normally as your opponent will try to maintain a strong hold over you. Once you get on the inside, you gain an advantage. It is much easier to knee your opponent from this position or force them into a full tight clinch.


Key takeaways –

1 – Always try to stay tall if you get caught in a clinch.

2 – Clinching from the inside gives you an advantage.

3 – During a clinch, you should cross face your opponent in order to get to the inside.

“The ideal range for doing a cross face is more in the mid-range section and not super long range.”




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