Master Wong: Don’t Be a Victim of Bullying

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There are hundreds and thousands and people out there who get bullied every day. Although some harmless bullying is not bad per se, matters get out of hand when the tormentor doesn’t know when to stop. The situation takes a turn for the worst whenever someone lets their ego take the front seat and let it control their actions. Observe Master Wong as he demonstrates how a typical bully operates, and pay attention to the various factors you must consider whenever you’re being bullied.

In a classic bully situation, it is never healthy to assume things. In any scenario where you may have to resort to physical combat, it is better to assume the worst. A fight is unpredictable and your assailant may have some weapon on them or may even be trained in physical combat. Whenever you’re being approached by such an individual it is better to assume that you’re already at a disadvantage and act accordingly. Don’t give into their fighting desires and if possible, always try not to engage as long as you’re not forced to do so.

This brings us to our second point which is to leave your ego at the door whenever your provoked to fight or being bullied. Remember you have no idea what the bully might be packing with themselves. If you’re provoked always try to walk away from a fight. You may be skilled in combat but there is no saying which way the skirmish will go once you get started. You may end up hurting yourself no matter how harmless the wound might be. So, the grown-up thing is to always walk away from a fight. It may prick your ego, but remember that nothing is worth putting your life on the line.

In the last section of the video Master Wong suggests that if you’re backed up and have no other choice but to fight it out, do so with minimal risk to yourself. There are many factors to consider in a typical bully situation, for instance, if the tormentor knows where you live, it might be better to talk out the problems rather than fleeing from your assailant. If however, you’re forced to fight, make every opportunity count. Remember your defense training, and always go for the weak spots such as the eyes, stomach and liver shots or even the throat. Never stop struggling as it will severely demoralize your assailant. Look for an opening, strike fast and strike hard.

The short video is quite helpful and the insight Master Wong shares will surely come in handy if you ever find yourself in the bullied state.




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