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Why is Kali different?

The core idea behind the Kali, Escrima, or Arnis is the development of hand techniques, in a way, so that they can be transitioned to escrima sticks, swords, and knives. 

Kali is unique in this sense and in a manner of speaking, they excel at the above-mentioned weapons, not only because they practice on all of them, but their techniques are embedded in all of them.

This particular video by Master Apolo Ladra demonstrates how you can use those techniques to break a standstill and enter your opponent’s space, so that you can deliver blows, consistently. 

What do you need to know?

Note that it is not easy to look for entries and it comes after lots of experience and practice. According to Master Apolo, every connection you make with your opponent, either with a weapon, escrima sticks, or with bare hands, is a possible entry point.

Of course, if the opponent has the prior experience with escrima sticks he will have his guards up, but he can’t hold it up forever. The idea taught in the clip is quite interesting and sheds light on a different perspective of fighting. 

Fighters are always looking for an opening to strike. Mastering this skill is very important irrespective of the situation. You may be involved in a professional fight or a street brawl, and the skill of delivering a finishing blow when they least expect it always comes in handy. 

Identifying the Line

Master Apolo states that anytime you make contact, look at it as a line. You can work your way up and down the line and counter your opponent any way you see fit.  Now your opponent won’t always give you a line, but when he does, you must be ready to work on it.

The Transition

The first half of the clip concentrates on escrima stick movement and possible ways to look for a line (Entry 4).

In the second half, Master Apolo transfers the same flow he used with the sticks, to his free hands. He is countering someone holding a knife and wants to stab him.  You will be a direct connection between the movements and how easy it is to pull it off. 

Offense, Counter Offense, Re-Counter Offense

Master Apolo abides by this particular set of methodology. Unlike the previous part where he was on the defense, in the last bit, he stops the blow and immediately follows it up with a counter attack.

Being a super-fast and swift form of martial arts, Kali is greatly benefitted by this particular ideology.

The demonstration has little of everything. Its only 5 mins long and if you look hard enough you might pick up something new. 

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