Machete Boxing

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Luke Holloway, the Founder of “Raw Combat International” takes you through some amazing boxing skills integrated with the machete, which undoubtedly is lethal combination and can provide an edge over opponent when fighting face to face in a real combat.

Using Combinations

Luke demonstrates how training every body part to work is necessary to train for efficient combat as most trainers make excuses to their students that they don’t teach this or that. To use combinations one must know how to use several body parts together simultaneously one after other, be it vertical blow of machete, a jab, cross or using kick. Body parts always need to be in synchronization, else it becomes ineffective. Shoulders and feet move accordingly to the situation, especially in close combat. Elbows play quite a vital role in the fight and can be used to either push back the opponent with a powerful blow or can act as a reference to push his head back.

During an attack it’s a natural instinct of a human to defend himself, especially when the attack is unexpected. That’s when Machete Boxing Skills prove to be fatal. Luke shows that when you attack ; the opponent may take a defensive position by covering his face with his arms but an upper cut with machete may slice up his arms all the way up and then attacking next body part in sight. In a close combat fight, target changes instantly and its very important to be alert at all times to switch positions instantly. Luke emphasizes more and more on using elbows during close encounters rather than cross whether to strike the opponent’s face, his arms or head because it can be used again and again without moving the body much and can still cause pretty good damage.

Using Kicks
To integrate kicks along with other moves, the knee must be in good range of the opponent. He shows some very interesting combinations which are pretty quick and moreover destructive when boxing skills and the machete are used together. One such combination he shows is as follows; vertical machete blow, horizontal machete blow, punch on face, knee on side and then elbow on head. But these combinations require a good amount of practice along with speed and control of movements. Many escrima stick fighters will recognize these combinations from their own FMA or boxing style.

Luke teaches in that how speed combined with combination moves can make you dominant during a fight. No matter what position or weapon your opponent holds during a close combat, these techniques won’t let him take over you, if applied correctly.

Watch the video below for a complete tutorial of the technique:

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