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The knife is the most commonly used weapon of crime around the globe. In the right hands they can wreak havoc to somebody on its receiving end. It’s easy to conceal and in most cases you won’t even see it coming. Defending against a knife is a skill that won’t take too long to learn, but could potentially save your life someday

Therefore, two renowned masters of martial arts have decided to come together and demonstrate how you can protect yourself if you find yourself on the other end of the knife. Paulo Rubio and Master Wong have made there are expert practitioners martial arts. The video consists of a short but informative representation of the attacker and the attacked and how the latter can gain the upper hand in such situations. 

As Paulo moves in with the training knife, Master Wong emphasizes on one thing and one thing only. That is, to restrict the movements of the threat. Since the knife can be maneuvered quite easily, his first priority is to disable the hand holding the knife. Once the weapon is taken care of, he then proceeds to solidify his position by getting a better hold of Paul. 

Notice as master Wong exposes out the choke points for you to strike to disarm the attacker. He also shows how to position yourself properly to apply maximum pressure and also to defend from any secondary attacks. 

Subduing the enemy may not be enough in some cases. The attacker may try to reposition himself and approach you from a different angle. You must think ahead and adjust your body to answer these changes accordingly. For instance, during the skirmish, Paul tries to roll out and grab Wong from a different side but fails as Master Wong readjusts his grip with his thighs and grabs hold of Paul’s head, delivering an excruciating amount of pain. 

Throughout the course of the video, Paul approaches Wong from different angles but is countered in every possible way. Master Wong is always one step ahead, not because he has mastered thousand techniques but because he knows how to adapt to a specific situation. He always emphasizes on running away from a situation if you can afford to do so. There is no shame in fleeing. Engaging in a fight increases the risk of you getting hurt and if you can’t escape, you must be quick on your feet and react to every movement from your attacker. 

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