Knife Defense with UFC Fighter

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Master Wong is a martial arts expert and teacher of self defense. As Master Wong had been bullied in his childhood, he decided to rise up and he learned techniques which made him the Master. He has written his full story (a motivational one) in his book. UFC (ultimate fighting championship) is a championship in America mixed with martial arts. So, Glover Teixeira is a UFC fighter who is participating in this demo with Master Wong. Master Wong is excited about teaching this technique of knife defense with Glover.

Wong recommends to first defend yourself by holding the attacker in the way that his elbow and wrist are in your hold. The arm with the knife, capture it. Put pressure on the elbow and wrist combined and snatch the knife. Second technique is, just move aside and holds the arm, hold the hand with knife. Opponent feels pressure when Master Wong holds his wrist. Master Wong asks from Glover (UFC fighter) that how many times any one wanted to fight with you in the street? with a UFC guy, the answer of Glover is never. Then he asks that would you fight with someone in the street? Glover says, no. IT shows the peaceful mind and strategy of the UFC guy Glover.

Cross over
Master Wong, by holding the hand of Glover, tells that when anyone strikes with a knife, turn your body in a position of cross over. Hold the arm, try to put the attacker down, snatch the knife. Master Glover says that the attacker may try to hit with other hand when you hold his one hand, he shows it by tightly holding Glover’s hand. Then he asks Glover to hit with the other hand, but Glover says that it is difficult to hit with the second hand. This technique is useful when someone hits with a knife and you defend yourself by capturing his one hand, bending yourself in cross over position.

Master Wong focuses on “Learning”, Glover announces the upcoming fighting event as he is a UFC fighter. Master Wong is a great motivation and announces another event about “martial arts changes life”, along with Budo brothers. They are promoting Martial Arts for peace and confidence. Master Wong had a bad childhood but he didn’t make it his weakness, he made it his best strength. Watch the full version of interesting video in the link.

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