Kali with Kickboxing

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The reason why Filipino Martial Arts is so popular among fighters is its ability to transition the fight from a weapon (knife, single and dual escrima sticks) to the empty hands.

FMA uses swift blows and techniques that can be applied across a wide variety of appendages. For instance, the type of fighting style you learn with the help of a knife or an escrima stick will also come in handy when you fight empty hand.

Kickboxing is a popular sport and adding Kali to the mix will turn out to be a deadly combination. Meet Mark Anastacio as he demonstrates how you can take what you have learned in Kali, and apply it in kickboxing.

Mark starts off with a simple striking pose, where he uses an escrima stick to give you an idea of the line of attack. The way he changes stances and counters an upcoming attack is truly amazing to watch. He starts off facing a simple jab. Once the opponents have initiated the blow, Mark has the option to move either outward on inward and counter-attack his opponent.

The 45-degree footwork is the thing you should be looking out for. this not only helps you get your footing correct but also ensures that you’re not thrown off-balance when hitting your opponent.

Next up Mark changes over to his hands and asks his assistant to throw in a jab. Notice his stance, and what he says regarding making yourself comfortable. You cannot fight unless you are light on your feet.

Once the jab is thrown, Mark can either switch right or left and answer his opponent with a cross right to their face. You can either switch on the spot by keeping your lower body still and moving only your upper torso. or in some cases where you’re feeling confident or necessary, you can step out, increase your spacing and then answer with a cross, either on top or on the ground.

He also demonstrates a roundhouse kick using the same 45-degree footwork and then transitions into a cross, which is also quite impressive.

The video will clear it all up so you might want to have a look at that. The possibilities are endless and will open up to you as you keep on practicing.

Mark’s lessons are easy to catch and his videos are interesting to watch. It’s amazing how much you can learn from a simple 5-minute video, stay tuned for more.

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