Kali vs. Boxing

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In this video, the founder and head instructor of ‘Union Martial Arts’, Mark Anastacio teaches us how to use Kali when fighting against a boxer. In order to demonstrate the techniques, he spars with his student Rayden.

Early on in the video, we learn that Filipino martial arts(empty hand) vs boxing is a pretty controversial topic in the martial arts community. Mark also informs us why he decided to make a video about this topic.

Mark informs us that a boxer’s jab is too fast to counter it. Instead, we should focus on the cross as it is a little heavier. One way to deal with a jab is to parry the attack and redirect the hand. This is much for effective than trying to block it.

You can also try to damage the hand of the boxer by parrying their fist with your left hand and sandwiching it into your right elbow. However, this can be difficult as boxers have a withdrawing motion to their punches. You can also apply this concept to the hook and incorporate a gunting technique in order to dissect their bicep with your knuckles.

Thus, against a jab-cross combo, you do a parry-parry combo, parry-elbow combo, parry-gunting combo, elbow-elbow combo,  or elbow-gunting combo. Your interchanges will depend on the line, your speed and your ability to time the movement.

Against a hook, mark advises shielding your head using your arm as a strong frame. This will let you absorb the shock of the impact and use that energy as a counter if you want to do so.

If your opponent does a jab-hook combo, you can do a parry-shield combo or an elbow-shield combo.  You can also perform a move known as impact gunting where you smack the inside of your opponent’s arm and withdraw instead of trying to dissect it.

We learn from Mark that in order to win, we need to find strength in our opponent’s weakness. That means you should not box with a boxer as it is their strength. Your main goal should be to neutralize the boxer and not compete with him.

3 key points –

1. When fighting against a boxer, you should focus on the cross instead of the jab.

2. You should parry the jab and redirect it instead of trying to block it.

3. You should use gunting as a counter against a boxer instead of using it as a setup.

“The most important thing when I do this gunting is that I’m gonna commit and not care.”

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