Kali – Superior Martial Art

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Today we bring to you a page from Paul Ingram’s journal who is a trainer at Kali Center, an online Kali Training school. The topic of discussion swerves a bit wayward from typical fighting conversations. Before we jump in let’s get one thing clear, martial arts weren’t always meant for fighting and self-defense. The true principle behind any martial art is to join the mind and the body into one complete being.

Martial arts is all about discipline and training the mind and the body to face any hurdles you might face in life. They aren’t meant to make you into a fighting machine, but to regulate your body so that you can function at 100% capacity no matter what challenge comes up. The practice routine is the same for every fighting style around the globe. Even before you start learning the moves and techniques, you are required to strengthen your body via regular exercise. Different individuals relate to their exercises in different ways. Some do it to clear their minds, some do it for a better and healthy life and some do it just for the sheer fighting experience. The point being that martial isn’t just meant for enhancing your fighting prowess, its goal is to take you to a better plane of existence.

Paul’s choice of the fighting art may be Kali, but the reason he calls it superior to other teachings is completely different. Not for once, does he mentions how Kali has superior fighting techniques compared to other fighting arts. It’s completely situational as the flow of a fight can go either way and no martial art can ever guarantee a win or ensure survivability in a life-threatening situation. You may be a master of Kali or any other martial art for that matter. If your opponent has a gun, chances are that they might land the first blow no matter what type of hand-to-hand combat you excel in.

Paul intends to go deeper into Kali or any other fighting style for that matter. He describes how Kali has been learning Kali since he was 6 years old, and this training paid off during the growing years of his age. Dedicating your life to martial arts isn’t about learning a hundred different fighting moves. Its true goal should be to enhance your quality of life and improve your attitude towards it. The short journal entry is truly enlightening. It will change your perspective of martial arts training by teaching you the true goals behind said training. It’s a must-read not just for the martial arts practitioners but for individuals who intend to improve their lifestyle as well.

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