Kali Stick Disarms

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Disarming is an important skill when it comes to Kali or any other form of martial arts for that matter. Paul Ingram, a trainer at Kali Center demonstrates two such disarming techniques in complete details.

Besides the two techniques, the also contains sparring sessions which you may find helpful, once you have mastered the basics. 

The kali stick disarms are similar and easy to get your head around. The only aspect separating them is the distance of engagement. One is applicable when the opponent is well within your reach while the other is used when he is a bit out of your reach.

Once again, make sure to watch the video for better understanding. 

The First Technique

The demonstration focuses on the left hand, but make it a priority to target the hands holding the kali sticks

The core belief in this technique is being proactive and not giving your opponent the chance to react.

Paul hits the left hand even before the opponent has a chance to bring it down for a strike. You can also hit the eyes/face in the process, but that’s situational. 

Carrying your momentum is the key. Once you have made the first contact, proceed to pull it down and hold the hitting end of the stick with your thighs.

This puts your opponent in an unfavorable position, limiting their movement by a great margin. Once you have disarmed your opponent with your leg, proceed to attack him.

At this position, you can transition into any kind of strike that befits the situation. You can strike or poke them and much more. This particular disarm opens you up to a  lot of options.

The Second Technique

The second is applicable when you are not able to reach your opponent with your hands. 

In this case, you will have to use your weapon to engage because extending your arm might open you up for attacks.

Once you have made contact, jam their weapon with your kali stick, once again limiting their mobility. After you have established control, switch their hand to the outside and proceed to disarm them. 

This is way better than the previous technique because you have to risk opening yourself to incoming attacks. The second disarm technique offers better control and disarming potential, especially if your opponent is experienced in disarms. 

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