KALI KNIFE Defense by Abenir Kalis at Fist Gym

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The Kali knife defense is a technique that requires a lot of skill and precision. There are many defense moves that need to be learned when you are dealing with knives. The Kali knife defense is a very hard thing to master and it will take lots and lots of practice. It should only be attempted by a professional.

Key Takeaways:

  • YouTube video shows Kalista trainers working out at the Fist Gym, demonstrating the art of knife defense.
  • Invading the other’s space is of paramount concern, as trainers employ techniques that highly resemble those found in wrestling.
  • While the techniques are specific to knife fighting, the various actions employ every part of the body.

“”Abenir Kalis is not a mere system of arms. Once you go deeper into learning the science behind it and understand the core values that makes a Kalista, you are initially transformed from being a gardener in war to a warrior in a garden.” – Guro Neil Medina”

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