Kali for Brain Health

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The whole world has heard of yoga or other therapeutic massages that are known to cure the mind without the assistance of any sort of medication. However, Kali till now was widely recognized as a martial art mainly used for fighting purposes. The concept of it being used in treating the mind and the body is a comparatively new concept.

Pharmaceuticals cure us in the blink of an eye and though one cannot deny the benefits of modern medicine, it is a better idea to keep the body healthy so that it doesn’t require sort of medicine.

Paul McCarthy in his speech addresses the benefits of Kali and how it can contribute to curing patients who have cognitive problems. Of course, Kali being a martial art requires heavy exercise which keeps the body in a good shape. What Paul is pointing out is the fact that the movements associated with Kali are super-fast and requires decent coordination on the brains part to execute completely.

Paul narrates a story told by his instructor, Guro Dan Inosanto. In the story, a student came up to Dan at a seminar and thanked him for returning his memory. The student had lost all his memory due to an accident and was unable to remember anything whatsoever. However, he managed to find his way back through a drill in Kali named “Heaven Six”. In order to get a better idea to watch the video. The Heaven Six is an exercise where two fighters exchange blows with dual sticks. If you have seen the footage you will notice the movement is fast and cannot be seen with an untrained eye.

This training was created to shape the brain and enhance its cognitive abilities. Usually, the training that Paul oversees contains 5 motions, the Heaven Six being one of them. They practice these motions as a part of their training.

During a fight or any kind of complex activity, the brain has to work extra hard to coordinate the movements. The training regimen of any martial art is to first discipline the mind and the body. Paul believes that he can train the minds of people suffering from various illnesses such as autism and Alzheimer’s and help them get better with cognitive augmentation.

Paul even shows footage of one of his students, Daniel, who is suffering from cerebral palsy, who he has been training for 4-5 years. Daniel has problems with his gait and balance, but while practicing a modified version of the Heavens Six, he can walk quite comfortably.  

This goes on to show the potential of Kali as a cognitive enhancing in the near future and how the Movement Revolution which Paul has been talking about in the video can truly change the world.  

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