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Fighting is like an art where you use your hands and feet in the most coordinated manner possible and today, we will be discussing some of the best empty hand fighting moves you can use in a fight. The possibilities are limitless and the more you’re able to adapt, the more innovative ways will present themselves to you. Join Mark Anastacio as he demonstrates some of the vital empty hand fighting techniques and teaches you how to integrate them in your fighting style. Fun fact, most of the moves are adapted from Western-style boxing and added to Filipino Martial Arts after undergoing certain improvisations.

In this video, Mark will be working with two boxing combos, a 2-5-4, and a 3-6-3 string. It is essential you put in the effort to learn these combos by heart. Pick a sparring partner and practice them on a daily basis so that you can assimilate them seamlessly into your FMA fighting style. Once you have laid down the basics, it’s time to slowly put it to the test.

For better understanding, let us consider a typical FMA entry. Instead of following through with the basic grapple technique, try to insert some of the strike combos you learned from the training. The empty hand blows come in handy whenever your opponent is aware of the oncoming grapple and sidesteps out of your reach to prevent a takedown. In order to close the gap, keep an eye out for the shortest path between you and your opponent and work your way through that distance with the help of empty hand strikes. A simple 2-5-4 combination is enough to close the distance and down your opponent, if implemented correctly. Mark stays put with the 2-5-4 combo because it’s simple and in the right hands the technique can open up a lot of angles and opportunities to successfully hit the opponent.

The video concludes with a note that nothing is set in stone. The best way to win a fight is to use boxing templates and not relying on them completely. You may have mastered 7 entries in Kali but in a match, none of them may end up being useful.

The short 5-minute is all about adaptation and improvisation and is a must watch for anyone looking to improve their fighting skills. The templates are a good point to start a combo. You may start executing one string but the next one might not be feasible for that situation. Having a ton of combos is truly advantageous but in order to gain the upper hand, you must know how to transition between them as effortlessly as possible.  



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