Kadena de Mano

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Filipino trapping also known as Kadena De Mano as demonstrated in this clip, is used in close-quarter fighting techniques. This FMA style is used for a specific purpose in contrary to other Filipino Martial Arts like kali or escrima which deal with weapons and empty hand fighting. Kadena de Mano literally means the chain of hands and focuses on how to control the arms of an opponent and thereby hit the target with special follow ups, no matter the amount of resistance provided. Timm Blaschke and Marcus Ruddies demonstrates examples from their series of Filipino trapping and can be purchased on Vimeo.

Part One
Part one of the series will teach basics like hand combinations and entries into trapping range. They explain how to react against different barriers and how to follow up. The origin of these techniques will be shown by demonstrating applications of everyday items as well as stick fighting. Part one will also explain how trapping drills will increase speed and coordination of hands. Also it will include transitions to locks and takedowns along with applications in self defense.

Part Two
In this part Timm explains that it will start with clearing the first barrier and advanced entries into the tapping range along with demonstrating skills simultaneously in the video related to mentioned topic. In the subsequent; advanced clearing sets of how to move on to the target even if your counter strike is blocked will be demonstrated. Also in this part various applications with sticks and knives will remind the viewer of the origins of trapping techniques. This will be followed by several trapping drills as were done in part one to increase the speed and coordination of hands thereby bringing efficiency into the movements. In succession, how to link Parry-Parry-Check Drill with the clearing sets will be displayed along with fluent transitions to the famous Filipino boxing. This complete will be taught with possible takedowns which will open one’s mind to new ideas. And at last the different applications in self defense scenarios will complete the contents.

Check out the video below for better understanding:

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