Journey with Abenir Kalis

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Maestro Fernando “Bong” Abenir is among the most dynamic teachers of Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) in the country today. He describes the current system he teaches as a synthesis of the various martial arts he has studied through the years. Abenir sits down with FIGHT Times to reveal his philosophy as a teacher and the salient features of his fighting art.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bong Abenir is a Filipino Martial Arts Instructor.
  • Around late 1994 he trained although rather informally with Grand Maestro Antonio Ilustrisimo but was short-lived due to Tatang’s death in August 1997.
  • Abenir Kalis Filipino Blade Art is a blend of different fighting arts such as kalis Ilustrisimo, Silat and other fighting systems in the Philippines

“My first trip I was exhausted and got to literally feel Ka Marvin’s number 4 strike which despite adjustments on my part he was still so efficient. First time ever I experienced extreme quickness in foot movement and striking delivery. His instruction was so organized and he gave plenty of time for practice.”

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