Jeet Kune Do Training and Sparring

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“In Jeet Kune Do, Bruce Lee’s speed training is broken down into five phases, each of which can be developed independently or as part of a whole. They are At infighting range, you can practice slipping, bobbing, weaving, and short-range blows such as hooks, uppercuts, head butts, and elbow and knee strikes.The jab, like all jeet kune do blows, must be thrust forward without any retracting motion. It is like a snake darting at its prey without warning. Paper Drill.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Many people tried to define JKD as a special style in the past: Bruce Lee’s kung-fu, Bruce Lee’s karate, Bruce Lee’ kickboxing, Bruce Lee’ system for street fighting.
  • To comprehend JKD means to emotionally realize this point. Bruce Lee said: Knowledge in martial arts finally means self-knowledge.
  • The armature looks like the Philippine kali/escrima and in the distance-fight it reminds of the north Chinese kung-fu or savate.

“”Jeet kune do – means way of the intercepted fist – has been developed by Bruce Lee in 1967.””

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