Jackie Chan and his fighting ladies

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Jackie Chan certainly has a way with women. He didn’t want to fight these women initially, but a few good swift kicks to his crotch helped him change his mind. Fighting women in high heels has its own unique set of challenges, but Jackie, being the pro that he is, adapts quickly to the situation and teaches these would-be man beaters a lesson they aren’t likely to forget.

Key Takeaways:

  • In the movie, Amazon Women, Jackie Chan defeated them all.
  • Jackie Chan, following his predecessor and brother in spirit, Bruce Lee, infected the world with a total, all-time hobby for martial arts.
  • In Russia films with Jackie Chan are very popular, and beautiful girls who know the art of kung fu only add to these films of interest.

“”I believe to risk one’s life for one’s self is better than those who deceive the worshiping masses which cause so much needless bloodshed.””

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